The StormSiege Has Begun!

27-May-2015 by ISOTX under Blog, Featured, March of War | 2 Comments »

A remote chain of islands in the pacific has come to the attention of the world. Surrounded by a giant typhoon, nobody is quite sure what hides within. Recently some wreckage was discovered suggesting an awesome and terrible weapon may lie at the heart of this storm. The nations of the world now race to be the first to take control. The StormSiege has begun.

StormSiege is a free single-player DLC expansion for March of War, available to characters level 10 or higher. The first mission is available in-game right now; additional missions will be released in the coming weeks. Beware: The islands are filled with dangerous creatures and deadly commandos. You will need your wits and a sizeable army to win.

Check out March of War – StormSiege on the Steam store.


Mystery Island is now StormSiege

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Names are important things. Some believe that the name of a thing defines it. Regardless, the name of a game expansion should be memorable and interesting. It should say something about the content without revealing too much. We’ve… MORE

Unleashed Horrors

13-May-2015 by ISOTX under Blog, Featured, March of War | Post a comment »

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A Peek Underneath

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Have you ever rolled over a stone and found a strange looking insect hiding under there? Check out what we found. More to come!… MORE


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