Weekly Dev Blog: July 31, 2015

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Merc-Winterborn here reporting for your weekly update!

UGUI Transition update – We’re still in the process of transitioning from using Flash to a Unity’s GUI (UGUI) system,  which will allow our updates to be written faster and thus updated to you in a smoother fashion. Once UGUI is in place, we’ll be able to roll out the next updates to March of War that players have been asking for, including future 64 bit use. Getting it right is critical for us, so as soon as the transition is stable, we’ll move to the UGUI exclusively.

The upcoming PVP patch that we talked about this week has been delayed because of a bug that prevented SE from matching after queuing. We have a version where this bug is corrected,  but we need to make sure there aren’t any new issues of this caliber. Assuming everything is good, the patch will be released on Monday or Tuesday. This patch solves 99% of the PVP sync issues players have experienced in recent game play.

We’ll be posting an updated change log in the next day or so to give a detailed description of what’s coming.


Weekly Dev Blog July 24th, 2015

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Player involvement makes March of War even better

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  Whether its PVE or PVP, players have the opportunity to affect the state of the game world every time they play. Beyond battles though, what could the players do to enhance their experience? Take a look at what one set of players did. Darkagma… MORE

Battle Royale is coming – March of War’s biggest PVP Tournament

17-Jul-2015 by ISOTX under Blog, Featured, March of War, Press | Post a comment »

Battlefields exist all over the world, with each faction fighting for dominance..but who among the Warlords is the best? In March of War’s Battle Royale, this is what will be determined. In the coming weeks we will detail the largest… MORE


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