Sneak Peek: Blueprints

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Across the forums, we’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding “When will we see new units for my faction?” Well, the truth is, we’re working hard at developing new units and features all the time, though at the moment, you’ve probably noticed most of our patches relate more to major bug fixes. We’re still trying to focus on that, but how can we deny so many requests? The truth is – we can’t!

So today, instead of our usual “Freaky Friday” post, we’re going to offer you a preview of things to come. The following are some blueprints that I managed to steal off of Merc-Oboema’s desk!


(Click the image to enlarge it.)

What could this be? We know it’s a new unit for one of our factions, but which one?

Post your theories in the comments below, and on Tuesday, we’ll tell you what its name is, as well as who has the closest guesses! (Maybe by then, I’ll have gotten Oboema talking, too… bring out the comfy chair!)

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