Christmas Call-In Countdown

13-Dec-2014 by ISOTX under Blog, Featured, March of War | 2 Comments »

It’s the holiday season for much of the world. Even in the midst of constant warfare, the tradition of giving continues. Faction High Commands have seen fit to grant their Commanders with additional call-ins and they’re handing them out on a daily basis as they count the days until Christmas. Check in every day to see what they’ve handed out — you’ll find your bonus on the deals page in your army tab. We’ll give you one hint: there will be nukes.

Also, for those slavering for any information about the next major content release, here’s what we’ve given out so far. It’s called Mystery Island and it plays like a single-player quest line. It’s set on an island of the coast off southeast Asia and, like any good quest, you get a reward for completing it. Critters will play a large role in this episode, though that’s not the only thing you’ll be fighting.

But wait, what’s that you say? You want more? Tell you what. Scour this post. We’ve hidden something in plain sight.

Merry Christmas

NEWSFLASH: Warlords Claim Vessel Seizure Part of Investigation

14-Nov-2014 by ISOTX under Blog, Featured, March of War | 1 Comment »

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA — Representatives from the Council of Lords released a statement today clarifying the circumstances surrounding the seizure of multiple cargo vessels steaming into the port of Durban earlier this week. According… MORE

Sneak Peek Sunday: Mystery Islands

10-Nov-2014 by ISOTX under Blog, Featured, March of War | 1 Comment »

Today we offer you a quick peek at the new map being introduced in Episode 5: Mystery Islands. The dense jungles of these islands host many mysteries and dangerous creatures. Your troops will need to be as aware of the flora and fauna as of… MORE

Freaky Friday: Mystery Islands

31-Oct-2014 by ISOTX under Blog, Featured, March of War | 5 Comments »

“…repeat…requesting immediate close air support. Reinforcements necessary. Taking enemy fire from within the jungle. Bravo and Charlie squads down. Delta heavily engaged. Alpha isn’t responding. Enemy is… MORE

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