Talking Tactics: counter the Soviet revolution!

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As the propaganda trucks of the Soviet Union drive through the streets of Moscow, the communists start fighting for the motherland. Nearly an endless amount people are ‘willing’ to sacrifice themselves for glorious Mother Russia, riled up by their Commissars and flanked by gigantic Walkers. What can you do to stop the Red Tide?

Propaganda boosts are the strength of the Soviet Union. Their army has two powerful propaganda units at their disposal: the Commissar and the People’s Truck. The Commissar can heal other infantry, or reset their movement, and he also provides a 10% armor and 50 attack boost to units around him. As the attack boost isn’t a percentage boost, this can be especially effective for units that do a low amount of damage, such as the Conscripts. On top of that the Commissar also has a good sight range and is fairly cheap to deploy (2 Manpower and 1 Command). In other words, it’s wise to get rid of the Commissars as soon as you can.

The People’s Truck is essentially the same as the Commissar, but costs 2 Engineering instead of Manpower. The biggest advantage of the People’s Truck over the Commissar, however, is that the truck affects both infantry and vehicles with an active boost that heals and provides a 50% attack bonus at the same time. The healing is a little less effective than the Commissar’s. The secondary Demoralization ability disables the attack of enemy units around the People’s Truck for a turn. Although the People’s Truck has a more powerful boost, it does not have a passive boost, and it is a large 4×4 unit with less speed than the Commissar. This makes it require a bit more thought to use, and can block your own units if you aren’t careful. It also doesn’t have good sight like the Commissar.

The People Truck can cost you a lot of firepower when you are trying to get rid of it. However, and this counts for both the Commissar and the People’s Truck, their biggest weakness is that other units needs to gather around them. This means that they are easy pickings for your area of effect powers!

Make sure your Guerrillas land the first hit on the Union infantry and it’ll save you a lot of trouble. However, you need to forget about deploying them anywhere – the Red Army Soldiers have Molotovs that leave a pool of fire behind and still provide a decent hit even if the they have already been damaged. To counter support units such as the Commissar, Snipers and the Maxim MGs, you should use your long range and indirect fire infantry; the Hunters, Amazons and Mortar Teams.

If the Union decides to gather up its troops for some propaganda boosts, it’s your time to shine! Your artillery and air support from the Angel and Command Cards will quickly subdue any communist uprising. That being said, you will need to watch out for the armored units of the Union. Especially the Flak Tank, which will limit the effectiveness of your air units, can ruin everything so make sure to prevent them accessing Engineering CPs.

The Soviet Union has little to counter your Heavy Organics – the War Elephants and Overlords. The Flak Tank can do a decent amount of damage, and is fairly cheap to deploy, but most other effective units, such as Snipers cost Command as well. You’ll need to watch out for the Molotovs though, as the fire can severely damage your beasts. If you focus on disabling the effective anti-beast units as soon as they come into play, your Heavy Organics can last the whole battle by regenerating and ensure your victory.

You lack the necessary area of effect powers to quickly supress the Commissar’s and People’s Truck’s boosts. You’ll have to settle for picking them off one by one, or with the very small AoEs of the Stormtroopers and the Half-Tracks, saving the Officer artillery for the best targets. Key to your victory is to quickly get rid of any People’s Tuck with your own armored vehicles. This should be relatively easy as you’ll be able to stay out of the range of the Demoralization. If you fail to destroy to People’s Trucks in time, the Union will be able to hit you with its own armored vehicles with a 50% damage boost.

Your tanks are in trouble should they get hit by RPG Teams that also enjoy one of the Soviet Union’s infamous boosts. Though you won’t be able to survive their onslaught for very long, it’s important that you take the risk as your Light Tank Canister Shot and your Shedder Tanks can quickly eliminate the threat. Deploying the Light Tank also means you have an early counter for the Flak Tank which would otherwise counter almost all your advances. Further, try to get your infantry in melee range and quickly cut the Union infantry to size.

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