Freaky Friday: Mystery Islands

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“…repeat…requesting immediate close air support. Reinforcements necessary. Taking enemy fire from within the jungle. Bravo and Charlie squads down. Delta heavily engaged. Alpha isn’t responding. Enemy is unknown. This ain’t the Junta, Command. Over.”
– Intercepted United Republic radio transmission

Dense tropical rainforests are some of the least explored places in the world. They are also some of the most extremely difficult to live in, but the sparse population makes them popular places for the war-weary to escape to.  Desertion is all too common in this long war, but it’s worse in places like this. Even forgetting the dangers of enemy forces, it can be difficult for a commander to tell whether the troops have run off or been ambushed by hostile wildlife. Recently, however, cryptic reports have been surfacing from forces deployed to the island jungles of Southeast Asia. Sudden eruptions of weapons fire are followed by eerie silence and missing squads of troops. Even light vehicle detachments have gone missing. The few reports that make it back speak of troops so at home in the jungle that they seem like ghosts, coalescing out of the darkness to strike, then evaporating like mist. Their tactics and capabilities suggest that these are elite warriors who have decided to take an informal retirement.

So far, attempts to contact these people have failed. Single scouts disappear and small forces get wiped out. Large forces simply cannot maneuver efficiently, and never manage to find anything. With losses adding up, faction leaders are beginning to take notice. Leaked planning documents from European Alliance High Command suggest that a large scale offensive may be in the works, while analysts have noted that the United Republic has been placing large orders for insecticide and herbicide. It’s unclear what will happen next, but all eyes are on the mystery in the islands of Southeast Asia.

UPDATE: AI Improvements

21-Oct-2014 by ISOTX under Blog, Featured, March of War | 4 Comments »

It has been over a month since we last posted an update. Not to worry though, the March of War team has been insanely busy planning heinous new ways to keep you entertained . . . expect some hints over the coming weeks. Right now, let’s focus on… MORE

Freaky Friday: Ice bucket challenge

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Ice bucket challenge in March of War… MORE

Sneak Peek: More Blueprints

15-Aug-2014 by ISOTX under Blog, Featured, March of War | 5 Comments »

It’s Freaky Friday again, and we want to share with you some more new unit designs we have in the works. Check out the blueprints for this 50cal halftrack which will soon be coming off the assembly line here at March of War HQ.… MORE


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